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Projects - Energy Research Consulting

Energy and Water

Our areas of focus include sustainability with respect to water and energy. Both energy and water are connected to everything. Clean water and reliable sources of energy are essential for a good quality of life. Our expertise around energy includes oil & gas, energy-water nexus, and power generation. We test water quality and design appropriate water treatment solutions.

We are also passionate about Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education so we take every opportunity to mentor and participate in events and projects that advance STEM education.


Sample Projects

Below is a sample list of our projects.

Water Treatment

We are designing a water treatment, storage and recycle system for a mushroom farming initiative in Nigeria. Clean water is essential to produce a clean crop as plants will absorb contaminants in water. Recycling is a useful means of conserving water especially in arid regions. We are implementing water treatment and irrigation systems that are low maintenance and economic.

STEM University in Senegal

Knowing the importance of STEM education, we helped start a practical STEM university in Senegal called the Dakar American University of Science and Technology ( It is focused solely on science and engineering with classes taught in English. It includes undergraduate, graduate, and professional level degrees and certificates. DAUST opened its doors in January 2017.

Education Center in Sudan

We are helping create an education center in Sudan with short practical certificate courses that provide marketable skills. We are working closely with community stakeholders to ensure buy-in from the community and to ensure courses are relevant to the needs of the community.