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CEO - Energy Research Consulting

Dr. Quinta Nwanosike-Warren, P.E., P.M.P. 

Dr. Q. WarrenFounder and CEO

Dr. Quinta Warren, P.E. is the Founder and CEO of Energy Research Consulting. She holds a Chemical Engineering PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Chemical Engineering Bachelors from Penn State University. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

Dr. Warren previously worked for the US Department of Energy and the Millennium Challenge Corporation ( as a technical advisor and AAAS Fellow, participating in international policy and power generation. She worked for ConocoPhillips as a reservoir engineer characterizing resources in both mature and new fields in South Texas; researching innovative and economic solutions for recovery of heavy oil in the Canadian oil sands; developing novel methods and compounds for CO2 capture in refining; and inventing a method of predicting crystallization in protein solutions through thermodynamic measurements. She has led an asset development team through a depletion planning exercise. She led a team through an A&D exercise leading to successful divestiture of the asset.

Dr. Warren holds a patent for a CO2 Solvent Loading System (Patent 20130136681). She has numerous publications and presentations. She recently published A Practical Guide to Oil & Gas Resource Characterization For Geologists and Reservoir Engineers which is available on Amazon.

In her distinguished career, Dr. Warren has worked in the following areas:

International Development – Energy

  • Participated in international energy policy development and implementation
  • Helped manage technology development for power generation and carbon management
  • Developed and implemented energy and water projects in emerging economies

Reservoir Engineering

Tight gas

  • Managed, developed and exploited tight gas assets in South Texas
  • Coordinated reservoir engineering team during successful divestiture (A&D) effort

Heavy oil

  • Researched innovative solutions for economic recovery of heavy oil
  • Ran simulations for heavy oil reservoirs to history match Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), and test new recovery methods

CO2 Capture

  • Designed and modeled novel liquids and systems to capture CO2
  • Applied Design of Experiments to determine factors affecting capture efficiency

Protein Crystallization

  • Developed method to predict protein crystallization using dynamic light scattering
  • Investigated the role of divalent cations in crystallization of lens proteins
  • Investigated the ability of natural and synthetic compounds to prevent crystallization of proteins

Selected Publications and Patents

  • Q. Warren, R. Ivy, Quick Start Capability: Restarting power plants with no grid connection, Department of Energy, 2018
  • Q. Nwanosike-Warren and K. Mosley-Bufford, A Practical Guide to Oil & Gas Resource Characterization For Geologists and Reservoir Engineers, 2016
  • Q. Warren, K. Bufford, Well X Recompletion Evaluation – Lobo Fill Discovery, ConocoPhillips Global Subsurface Symposium, 2013
  • Q. Warren,Clay Cox, Solvent Loading System, Patent US 20130136681 A1, 2012
  • Q. Nwanosike, A.Sambanis, R. Rousseau, Effect of divalent cations and solubilizers in apoferritin and gammaD-crystallin solutions: nucleation, crystallization and light scattering studies, Ph.D. Dissertation, 2009.
  • Q. Nwanosike, A. Sambanis, R. Rousseau, Novel method for determination of second virial coefficient by dynamic light scattering, Provisional Patent, 2008
  • K. Bartling, Q. Nwanosike, A. Sambanis, R. W. Rousseau, Protein Crystallization in Protein Condensation Diseases: Apoferritin Crystallization in Cataract Formation, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting – 2006
  • Q. Nwanosike, A. Zydney, The Effect of Electrostatic Interactions on Protein Retention during Virus Filtration, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2005.