Dr. Quinta Nwanosike-Warren, P.E., P.M.P. 

Dr. Q. WarrenFounder and CEO

Dr. Quinta Warren, P.E. is the Founder and CEO of EngrRC. She holds a Chemical Engineering PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Chemical Engineering Bachelors from Penn State University. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

In her distinguished career, Dr. Warren has worked for the US Department of Energy and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC.gov) as a AAAS Fellow, participating in international policy and power generation. She worked for ConocoPhillips as a reservoir engineer characterizing resources in both mature and new fields in South Texas; researching innovative and economic solutions for recovery of heavy oil in the Canadian oil sands; developing novel methods and compounds for CO2 capture in refining; and inventing a method of predicting crystallization in protein solutions through thermodynamic measurements. She has led an asset development team through a depletion planning exercise. She led a team through an A&D exercise leading to successful divestiture of the asset.

Dr. Warren holds a patent for a CO2 Solvent Loading System (Patent 20130136681). She has numerous publications and presentations. She is currently Director of Professional Education for the Dakar American University of Science and Technology in Senegal. She recently published A Practical Guide to Oil & Gas Resource Characterization For Geologists and Reservoir Engineers which is available on Amazon.

In her distinguished career, Dr. Warren has worked in the following areas:

International Development – Energy

  • Participated in international energy policy development and implementation
  • Helped manage technology development for power generation and carbon management
  • Developed and implemented energy and water projects in emerging economies

Reservoir Engineering

Tight gas

  • Managed, developed and exploited tight gas assets in South Texas
  • Coordinated reservoir engineering team during successful divestiture (A&D) effort

Heavy oil

  • Researched innovative solutions for economic recovery of heavy oil
  • Ran simulations for heavy oil reservoirs to history match Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD), and test new recovery methods

CO2 Capture

  • Designed and modeled novel liquids and systems to capture CO2
  • Applied Design of Experiments to determine factors affecting capture efficiency

Protein Crystallization

  • Developed method to predict protein crystallization using dynamic light scattering
  • Investigated the role of divalent cations in crystallization of lens proteins
  • Investigated the ability of natural and synthetic compounds to prevent crystallization of proteins

Selected Publications and Patents

  • Q. Warren, R. Ivy, Quick Start Capability: Restarting power plants with no grid connection, Department of Energy, 2018
  • Q. Nwanosike-Warren and K. Mosley-Bufford, A Practical Guide to Oil & Gas Resource Characterization For Geologists and Reservoir Engineers, 2016
  • Q. Warren, K. Bufford, Well X Recompletion Evaluation – Lobo Fill Discovery, ConocoPhillips Global Subsurface Symposium, 2013
  • Q. Warren,Clay Cox, Solvent Loading System, Patent US 20130136681 A1, 2012
  • Q. Nwanosike, A.Sambanis, R. Rousseau, Effect of divalent cations and solubilizers in apoferritin and gammaD-crystallin solutions: nucleation, crystallization and light scattering studies, Ph.D. Dissertation, 2009.
  • Q. Nwanosike, A. Sambanis, R. Rousseau, Novel method for determination of second virial coefficient by dynamic light scattering, Provisional Patent, 2008
  • K. Bartling, Q. Nwanosike, A. Sambanis, R. W. Rousseau, Protein Crystallization in Protein Condensation Diseases: Apoferritin Crystallization in Cataract Formation, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting – 2006
  • Q. Nwanosike, A. Zydney, The Effect of Electrostatic Interactions on Protein Retention during Virus Filtration, Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2005.