engineering research consulting

Purpose Statement

Improving clients’ performance by bringing optimization and innovative design to their operations.

Who We Are

EngrRC, LLC is a chemical engineering consulting company based in Houston, TX in the USA. It was established and registered in May 2016. We are registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

What We Do

Companies in chemicals and oil & gas sometimes lack in-house expertise to solve issues that arise. Even when they have the expertise in-house, they don’t always have the time to address those issues since business goals are often planned out a year in advance.

Another problem is when people working on a problem lose perspective because they are too close to a problem, or work on it for too long. In this case, it is beneficial to have fresh eyes look at the problem.

Engineering Research Consulting, EngrRC, comprises high quality chemical and petroleum professionals who are excellent problem-solvers. All consultants have advanced degrees and many years of experience in industry. Our founder has a chemical engineering doctorate. Her experience includes protein crystallization thermodynamics, CO2 capture, downstream oil & gas, and upstream oil & gas.


EngrRC consultants can be brought on to

  1. carry out preliminary research to help a company determine whether a project is worth pursuing further.
  2. provide expertise and guidance to ongoing projects
  3. actually run projects
  4. teach company employees information pertinent to a particular project

EngrRC consultants travel wherever they are needed. We operate internationally. We have registered professional engineers on staff.

Our business focuses on three segments:

  1. Energy
    • Quantification of hydrocarbon resources in both mature fields and new discoveries.
    • Power generation
    • Hydrocarbon resource characterization – quantification of hydrocarbon resources in both mature fields and new discoveries. Our reservoir engineers screen prospects for new drill locations or recompletions.
  2. Sustainability –
    • Determining the efficacy of sustainable chemical processes. We help companies determine if the chemical processes they are using to return the environment to its original state are effective. We do this through various means including soil testing and mass balance.
    • Carbon capture
    • Water treatment
    • Energy-Water nexus
  3. Chemical process – design and optimization of industrial chemical processes. Our consultants help improve operations by optimizing equipment and processes. We also design systems from the ground up for new processes.


  • We pride ourselves on excellence and professionalism
  • All consultants have strong technical backgrounds and advanced degrees
  • All consultants have extensive industry experience
  • Our consultants provide practical and economic solutions
  • Our varied experience allows us to provide creative solutions tailored to the client’s needs
  • Our consultants come from diverse cultural backgrounds, which allows us to interact effectively with clients all around the world.
  • Our small size allows us to be nimble. We can help a company tackle a specific technical task without being distracted by strategy and other concerns. Thus we can provide results faster than the competition.

Our Vision

We are guided by our vision and values.


Improving clients’ performance by bringing optimization and innovative design to their operations.


  • We put our clients’ concerns before all else
  • We strive for excellence and professionalism in all we do
  • We conduct ourselves and our business with integrity