Engineering Research Consulting, EngrRC, are experts in problem-solving, particularly in the areas of energy and the environment. We are registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

We collaborate with clients in framing and solving problems through technical analysis. To assist our clients with decision-making, we provide high quality results and recommendations.

Our focus is in engineering, primarily upstream and downstream oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering separations, and climate change.

The services we offer are listed below and span the range from feasibility studies to project management.


Technology Development

Scale-up and commercialize discoveries and inventions

Design of Experiments

Efficient design to minimize cost and maximize results

Problem Framing

Identify and answer the right questions

Data Analysis

Model experimental data to link cause and effect

Conceptual Design

Turning research ideas into research design

Expert Witness Services

Qualified chemical and petroleum engineers available


EngrRC helped us evaluate novel solvent systems for capturing carbon dioxide from process equipment and reusing it as pH control in our algae ponds. Dr. Warren’s insight into both the engineering and biological aspects was spot-on. And she understood our goals and our budget; she is absolutely brilliant.


EngrRC helped us determine the efficacy of a process we were planning to license. Thanks to their expertise, we were able to save thousands of dollars by switching to a cheaper and more effective disposal method.


We retained EngrRC to evaluate one of our processes. They were able to vet the chemistry and check that the actual process was taking place as planned. We highly recommend Dr. Warren and her team.



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